I'm back!

I took a break for a little bit (maybe 2 weeks?) because my uncle died. He reminded me that life is too short and that I should really spend less time on the computer and more time investing in my real life. However, I'll still be pretty active on this because paintshop pro is too much fun. :) While I've been offline, I've been looking further into my religion, christianity. I'm now reading the bible regularily and I've reconnected with my church. Things are looking up. :)


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Grief Hiatus

Hey guys! I know it's very soon for me to be taking a hiatus. It's only been a week or so. However, my uncle died earlier this evening. It was an hour ago, actually. This is hard on my family and me. I need to be with my them at this time. I hope you understand. I'll be back when my normal chipper demeanor returns.

Your bb,


Layout Fiddling

I'm going to be messing around with my layout today. I'm trying to find one with the right color scheme that is summery, but not overwhelming to the eyes. So, the page is going to be changing a lot. Just a warning! 
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Writer's Block: Twilight is nearing

How do you feel about the upcoming Twilight film? Are you a fan or a critical bystander?

I hate twilight, so I'm not going to see the film. Robert Pattison was more attractive as Cedric in Harry Potter, when he actually had some sort of skin tone and wasn't covered with glitter. Also, Daniel Radcliff has been on Broadway, what Twilight actor can say that?